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November 15, 2005



I liked your honest, self-depreciating comments on negative energy. We recently spoke about having confrontations with employees and I thought you gave some great advice about emphasizing that your main concern is making everyone better for the company (bettering oneself is better for one's employer). We had a small group meeting from church on Sunday that dealt with grace and truth. Most individuals fall into being better grace-givers or better truth-tellers. Personally, I find it hard to bring truth to situations that may involve confrontation. In discussing the issue more I learned two important ways that make truth easier to give and recieve in confrontations.
1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Give examples of how you've struggled in the controversial area before.
2. Try to let the other party understand that you are confronting them because you care about them and want them to be better. Leave emotions out of it. The path of least resistance would be to never mention the confrontational issue. By bringing it up it should convey that you care about the individual.

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