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October 12, 2005



Very interesting. What was their reaction to the presentation? Did you get comments on the presentation style itself?

Dick seemed amazingly fluid when running through his Identity 2.0 presentation -- but I would imagine the prepwork (and rehearsal?!) is much more involved than a traditional presentation.

Brad Respess

Although I did not get any direct comments back, we were very successful in telling our story based on the balance of the meeting. Our consultant gave high marks for the presentation, commenting that it went over very well.

The key is to know your story. The presentation on the screen cannot be a crutch. I probably rehearsed it 25 times.

michael fox

Well Done!!!

I like the simplicity of the message. I think business people get to caught up in being flashy and the message is lost in the flash. Passion for what you do helps as well.

After watching the 2.0 presentation I was a little disappointed I did not get to see/hear you giving yours.

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